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Policy on Auditing of Classes at Fox Valley Technical College

A student may audit a class to gain a general understanding of a subject matter, but only with the approval from the respective instructor department chair, division dean, or regional manager

A student must decide whether to audit a class at the time of registration and must also complete the Class Audit Request Form. Any class prerequisites must be met before registering in an audited class. A student wanting to audit a class must pay the same tuition and fees as a student enrolled for credit.

Age 60 and Up:
Per the 1999 Wisconsin Act 154, individuals who are 60 years of age or older are exempt from paying tuition when auditing classes, excluding community service classes (aid code 60) and apprenticeship classes (aid code 50) on a space available basis. Any age 60+ auditor must be a resident of Wisconsin and will be required to pay class material fees and all other applicable student fees.

A student does not earn credit for auditing a class, nor is an achievement grade awarded at class end. Audited classes may not be used to satisfy the prerequisites or requirements for other classes. Classes taken on an audit basis are not part of the student’s credit load for financial aid, veterans’ or for any other purpose for which the college is asked to certify a student’s full or part-time enrollment status.

A student auditing a class is expected to meet attendance requirements, participate in classroom and lab work, and complete all assignments, but is not required to take examinations. At class end, an audited class will reflect an “AU” notation on the student’s official record and transcript for that class. A student may not change his or her class enrollment status at a later date to receive credit for an audited class.

Fox Valley Technical College reserves the right to restrict the auditing of any class. Audit options are provided in classes on a space-available basis. 

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